IPSec VPN site-to-site pfSense + Cisco ISA500

  • Hello guys, I am using this awesome pfSense since 1 week and I couldn't be happier with it  :)

    Actually I have it running on a remote Datacenter and has 1 public fix IP for the WAN and one LAN ( /24 ) with IP ( acts as default gateway for the server )

    I have also a Windows Server 2012 running and uses the pfSense as gateway and works perfectly, i can browse the internet etc etc.

    So the scenario is:

    WAN: 144.x.x.x
    LAN: /24

    Cisco ISA500:
    WAN: 46.x.x.x
    LAN: /24

    I need to setup IPSec VPN site to site because will use this server as our DC server from our office, so we need a secured connection.

    I have done all the necessary steps on the pFSense to setup the IPSec VPN.

    When it comes to the Cisco ISA500 I do all the steps but when I define the local network and remote network and I press OK it says:
    A policy already exists for this Local Network and Remote Network.

    Does anyone know why this happens ?

    Thanks to all!!!

  • Hello to all, we have fixed the problem. It was due to another VPN active with same subnets. We changed networks and all is working perfectly now!

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