Random 2.2.2 crashing and freezing

  • Good Afternoon

    I have come to report random freezing of 2.2.2 on an alix2d2 with no extra packages, no carp ip, no layer rules, nothing.  This is just a basic installation of pfsense doing its thing and it seems to lockup the most after the internet goes down.  I can load the default index page however trying to log into it further via the gui proves useless.  I have to manually powercycle the router for it to once more become functional.  It seems like when it is trying to obtain a wan ip address it becomes unresponsive.  I wish I could see the logs before I reboot it to find out what is going on.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


  • Is your WAN DHCP, or PPPoE, or? Generally speaking none of those should have any problems regardless of whether it can connect or what type of WAN it is.

    any packages installed on it? Sounds like it's not crashing at all, but probably PHP's getting hung up by something that really wants Internet access.

  • Yes my WAN is DHCP and I have absolutely no packages installed.  This is why I am a tad stumped as to what could be wrong here.

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