IPSec site-to-site to Cisco RV220 not passing traffic

  • Hi i am using pfsense 2.2 as my main firewall "fw01".
    I have it connected to various netgear and cisco rv firewalls with site-to-site vpn and it works perfect.

    Just recently i wanted to add in an cisco rv220w (firmware I setup the tunnel, same as the other firewalls and it went up. However i can not pass any traffic.
    I have an allow all vpn traffic rule that works and i can ping back and forth from all other sites but not to or from the rv220.

    I have connected another firewall cisco rv180w using the exact same settings to the main firewall and it works without any problem.
    I then test connecting an secondary pfsense firewall "fw02" version 2.0 to the cisco rv220 and it works without any problem.

    So it seams that this affect the new 2.2 firewall but only when connecting to an rv220 unit. All the other units works fine.
    I have included pictures showing the p1 and p2 on both firewalls.

    FW01 logg file here

    FW02 logg file here

    Any thoughts or help is highly appreciated.

  • Your logs show it's up, so should be safe to assume everything at the IPsec level is correct. Maybe missing firewall rule to allow traffic in on IPsec tab. Maybe a host issue, like having a wrong subnet mask, or a local firewall that's dropping the traffic.

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