VLAN Setup - Do I understand?

  • Hi,

    I'm new to pfsense and looking to setup 2 vlans. Working with PFSense 2.2.2-RELEASE (amd64)

    Currently I have WAN on igb0 and LAN on igb1. Both are working fine.

    Am I correct that I now have to setup 2 VLAN's, DHCP on both VLAN's, setup rules on VLAN's, and then DELETE the LAN Interface so I can trunk that NIC to a managed switch?

    AND that I do all of that without locking myself out of either connection to PFSense or the managed switch?

    Is my thinking correct?



  • No, you create a new vlan, then assign the vlan interface to LAN. Or OPT, etc. After you switch LAN to igb_vlanx, you will need to move the firewall to a trunk port, and have a port set with the correct lan vlan for the client machine. You do need to be careful, have console or serial access to the firewall, and know your switch reset procedure… have backups...

  • OK Just so I understand…..

    I create VLAN10 and assign that to igb1.

    I then assign LAN to VLAN10 ?

    Is that correct? All cable connections aside....

  • interfaces, assign, vlan tab, create igb0 vlan 10, igb0 vlan 20, etc.
    Back to main interface assign tab, add interface for example guest, assign to port VLAN 20 on igb0
    Change interface LAN to network port VLAN 10 on igb0

  • OK, I'm giving it a go….


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Maybe this helps?

    So you see I have 2 vlan interfaces, 100 and 200 and they are assigned to my physical interfaces em2.  These are opt interfaces that I named for what they are my wlan guest network and my ps3 network.

    They have their own address space and in my case.  Once you create the interfaces with the vlans on them then you will have firewall tabs, and dhcp servers if you want, etc.  Pfsense will have an IP on that interface, etc.. You wouldn't delete the underlaying physical interface - guess you could have only vlans assigned to it if you wanted.

    But yes then the switch port that physical interface is connected to would be trunk that allows the specific vlans you want to allow.

    What switch do you have?

  • Got it working!

    Thanks all  :)

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