Order of Processing? - PFBlockerNH/Snort

  • Hi,

    If I have both PFBlockerNG and Snort running which gets processed first?


    Will Snort record an alert for an IP that is blocked by PFBlockerNG?

    Granted I may be a little confused as I am a bit new to all of this....



  • Snort's blocks are inserted in one of the first few tables in the firewall chain, so generally Snort blocks happen early in a packet's traversal of the rules.

    Snort uses libpcap to get copies of packets flowing through the interface for inspection.  That means it will always see a packet even if that packet is later dropped by the firewall.  Snort sees traffic raw straight off the interface before the firewall rules have acted upon it.


  • Excellent! That's was I was hoping.



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