PfSense - PPPoE - No internet connection after restart/reboot

  • Hello there.

    I have installed pfSense and for now it seems i have some problem.

    On a fresh install without anything else changed i am going into to the web via and from there i start the Setup Wizard.

    I go thrue the settings and set up an PPPOE connection.

    I call my ISP to remove the MAC adress for my account and there it goes, i am connected to the internet successfuly.

    I have done this method like 3 times in a row. I have to do this everytime when the router is rebooted or restarted.

    When the system is rebooted or restarted i got the following:

    Before the PPPOE setup this screen looked like this, and then it worked:

    Do you experience the same problem?

    Can somebody help me out?

    Thanks in advance!

  • No one has experienced the same problem or does not know where the problem can be ?

  • Banned

    There's PPP log in Status - System Logs. Look there.

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