Can select ip range in firewall rule??

  • HI , i want select ip range in firewall rule . like (  …

    There are single host or alias only and i have 60 users. thanks

  • U can create a alias from a text file with pfBlockerNG.

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    Well you do not really need any pfBlockerNG to create a single alias. Plus, this is completely automated under Firewall - Aliases - IP tab:

    Host(s): "You may also enter an IP range such as or a small subnet such as and a list of individual IP addresses will be generated."
    Network(s):" "You may also enter an IP range such as and a list of CIDR networks will be derived to fill the range."

  • thanks for replay >

    Firewall - Aliases - IP tab  }} When choosing a host and enter an IP range such as  mask by default 32 i can't change it
    to /24

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    Why would you change it? Just press save.

  • Because my subnet mask on my lan          /24

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    OMG. So use Network(s) alias and enter the CIDR! The original request was for IP range which is exactly what I described. >:( ::)

    Not to mention that you do not need any alias for your LAN net (or any other interface subnet) at all. It's available in the firewall rule's source/destination dropdown menu as "LAN net" (or SomeOtherInterfaceName Net).

    Hosts-type IP range:

    Save! Result:

    Networks-type IP range:

    Save! Result:

    Done!!! Magic!!! 5 seconds job!!! Described in the GUI. Sigh.

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    …just to add:

    You can also simply enter, let's say

    ...and the alias will be created for all IP's in the subnet (does not matter that there is /32 greyed out in the entry mask)

  • And if you have a bunch of hosts, subnets, ranges with or without descriptions you can also quickly paste them into firewall_aliases_import and it generates a filled out alias with all the same sort of stuff as entering it field by field, row by row in the firewall_aliases_edit GUI.

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