Problem on 2.2.2 install

  • Hi
    Have P4 3 ghz
    4 Gb ram
    IDE DVD burner
    PCIE grafic card.
    2 Intel Gb Pci nic.

    Booting from live cd, setting up nic, and then type 99 for hdd install.
    Install run with no problem.
    At first boot from HDD I see:

    F1 pfsense
    F6 PXE
    Boot: F1

    The \ have _ blinking under it.

    Pc is now "locked"  no furter booting and no activity on HDD.

    Any ideas what is wrong ?

    The live cd is running perfect, with acces to all funktions and remote via webconfigurator.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Some of those early SATA controllers can be problematic especially if it's using some separate chip.
    Try the suggestions here:


  • Hello Again.

    I´m up running Thank you for help.

    It was the partitions size making the problem. Setting " /swap to 8 "      " / to 4 Gigabyte " added a new " /usr " on rest of the disk.
    Will pfsense use the /usr partition or is it waste now ?

    Either the packet or LBA adjustments have any effects.


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