LAN Missing in Traffic Shaper GUI

  • Dear All,

    I am running two sets of pfSense servers on C2758 supermicro hardware. Each set consists of two firewalls in a CARP / HA setting. Each firewall has two WAN interfaces and all LAN interfaces are bonds of multiple NICs. On one set of firewalls, Traffic Shaper does run completely as expected.

    On the other set of firewalls, Traffic Shaper does not show the LAN interface. This makes the traffic shaper useless and breaks the wizzards (e.g., showing only a DMZ and the SYNC interfaces under "LAN" in the wizzard GUI, not the LAN interface itself). So far, I have found no way to cure this. If possible, I would like to avoid setting up the set up this set of firewalls from scratch. However, there is no obvious mechanism to let Traffic Shaper discover interfaces again. Exporting the configurations of both the working and the flawed set and trying to edit the xml-code also did not help as I was unable to edit the configuration file in a way that the Traffic Shaper would show the LAN after uploading an edited version.

    Can anyone point me to the right direction, please?



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