APU 2 Serial Terminal not working

  • I m using the following settings

    • 115200 speed,
    • Data bits 8
    • Stop bit 1
    • Parity None
    • Flow control XON/XOFF

    And I get an empty and frozen terminal. You may find a screenshot of the terminal in attachment.

    At this point, I am hopeless, this terminal trick was my last hope to be able to use this APU as I somehow locked myself from the WebGUI.

    And also, is there a way to shutdown the APU2 before unplugging the power?

    Thank you

  • Banned

    Did you try to press Enter?

  • Press enter and you should get the menu. In the menu you could choose 'Halt System'.

    Otherwise reboot if possible and look at the terminal window while booting. APU startup is 115200.

    If you upgraded hardware and used an old config it's possible you should choose 9600 to see pfSense booting.

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