PS3 Netflix wont stream when proxied? *help*

  • Hi guys,

    I may be having a blonde moment here…

    So, I have my PF Sense machine connecting to the internet, I have squid doing transparent proxy, and squidguard blocking a few adverts, and known malware locations...

    PS3 connects fine... PSN network connects... happiness... :D
    my laptop connects - things seem to work fine... on the laptop - Netflix streams just fine...  :D


    if I try stream Netflix from the PS3, going through the transparent proxy in the exact same way that my laptop does - I cant play anything. ???

    the PS3 netflix app loads... I choose my profile... I can navigate all the options of what there is to watch... but as soon as I try play - it gets to 25%, sits there for ages, and then pops up a message saying netflix is having trouble playing that, and that I should try again later. :'(

    Considering I am connecting from South Africa - and the connectivity isnt always the best, I do want to proxy this at the very least to save myself the repeated downloads of all the thumbnails etc. (yes, this seems trivial - but when your international bandwidth is crap, every bit counts)

    If I set my DHCP server to always give my PS3 the same address, and then I go into "Services --> Proxy --> Bypass proxy for these source IPs ", and put the PS3 IP in there... then Netflix works... but then of course - I don't get any proxy benefits...  >:(

    Is there any config I am missing... or can I rather exclude destination IP's or hosts, to at least get some caching benefit?

    help :)

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