Filesystem gone after Upgrade

  • Hello,
    I Upgraded my PfSense from 2.1.5 to 2.2.2 after my Upgrade the /var and /tmp folder are like they were with factory settings.
    Before my Upgrade I extended the Filesystem with an extra HDD, it looked like the attached picture. I forgot the Steps how to configure it like that, can anybody help me?
    Greetings Sobowolf

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    Well, no such thing is supported… So, however you "extended" it, go redo it. (Why do you need to "extend" /tmp goes beyond me...)

  • thats my question. I did it with gpart almost 5 month ago and I dont know anymore how I did it.
    The Problem is while loading a Blacklist /tmp and /var are running out of space.
    So I extended it like it is in the attachement.

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    Why don't you just do a full install on the HDD? On nanobsd, entire slice is rewritten on upgrades and switched to on reboot, totally unsuitable for similar "tweaks". (Beyond that, the size of /var and /tmp ramdisks is configurable, provided sufficient RAM size of course…)

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