• Hello!

    I've just got samba to work on my pfsense vmware dev. edition (fully updated) and am now keen to make a package out of it, however I can not find any docs, posts,… where I should start. Anything you could tell me I should look for? Is there a "template" package I could unpack and learn?


    PS: I know some of you are going to say I shouldn't install samba on a firewall, but if I'm given "a shotgun pointing at my foot" then let me decide whether or not I want to play with the trigger...

  • The packagesystem is not yet documented. Your best starting point is to learn by already build packages from the cvs-tree: http://pfsense.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/tools/packages/

  • Thanks for the quick answer.
    Are the config files also stored localy, and if yes then where?


  • All configuration is stored in the master config.xml file.

  • All configs are stored inside the config.xml.

  • Any tip how to correctly install samba on pfsense with SWAT?

  • a bit off topic, but if you don't know of it you can't use it www.freenas.org :)

    atm you will need a 2nd pc, but later it might be available to pfSense.

    and www.smeserver.org for a all in one solution, but use pfSense as firewall :P

  • I want to hold everything on 1 PC. FreeNAS is powerful, but doesn't have any routing functions :(
    SME server has really everything built-in, but it has so poor configuration ability… I can't change squid proxy settings, no advanced firewall & nat options, and so on. Pf sense is the greatest package, it only misses samba package.

  • We are not focusing on bringing a sambaserver to pfSense, however there is a package under developement that will install freenas as a pfSense package. This package requires code from the HEAD codetree and is just like HEAD itself not anywhere near done yet. Don't ask for release dates for this, nobody knows yet, not even the devs.