False Failover MASTER -> BACKUP (more frequent advertisement received)

  • Hi guys,

    Recently since my upgrade to 2.1.5 I have been having a lot of false failovers of CARP IP addresses. It happens randomly and can occur multiple times in a day, or not for a few days. When it happens the general system log on the primary server simply reads:

    MASTER -> BACKUP (more frequent advertisement received)

    I have the master address set to BASE 1, SKEW 1, and the secondary addresses set to BASE 1, SKEW 101. Also, the CARP addresses are pushed from the primary to the secondary using config sync.

    Any help, or advice would be appreciated.


  • Also, if it helps diagnose the problem .. If I try to reboot the secondary server AFTER it has falsely acquired master, when it goes down the primary again become Master. Once the secondary server comes back up however, it again pulls the master role. Is it possible the primary server just decides to stop sending heartbeats for some reason? Is there a way I can verify this?

    Thank you!

  • You can try doing a CARP packet capture on the secondary and try to catch what traffic is/isn't reaching the secondary that might be causing a failover. CARP/VRRP packets should be going through every second on whichever interface you have the CARP VIPs setup on, so see if maybe some of the CARP packets aren't reaching the secondary.

  • If you have CARP and Traffic shaper configured take a look here:


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