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  • I'm running BIND on a NanoBSD box running pfSense.  It seems to be working fine for external hosts but not internal hosts.  My apologies for referring to the GUI, but I'm such a rank amateur on BIND that I don't even know where to find the zone files.  In the GUI under the Services section, under BIND Server, on the Zones tab, I have a master zone called mydomain.com.  In the Zone Domain records section, I have several A records.  One of which is my firewall:  fw1.  The record type is A and it has the IP address of my firewall.  When I try to access fw1.mydomain.com, it cannot find the host.

    Do I have my records mis-configured?  Am I using the host names incorrectly?

    Any assistance appreciated.


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    Do I have my records mis-configured?  Am I using the host names incorrectly?

    How on earth can we tell when you don't post the contents of the zone file? You can do your A records in DNS resolver. You can do them in DNS Forwarder. It's called host overrides. If you don't understand bind, why use it?

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    Agree if you do not understand bind, why are you running it.  Either the forwarder dnsmasq in pfsense or resolver unbound are more than capable being used for name services in resolving both your local hosts and outside hosts with very simple gui to add host entries.  Or pfsense can auto resolve stuff it gave a lease to with its dhcp services, etc.

    Unless you had some specific reason to use bind, like zone xfers or something not sure why you would go with that unless you felt more comfortable with it then either of the other 2 options included with pfsense.

    I would recommend just using forwarder or resolver in pfsense vs using bind.

    If your looking to learn bind, I wouldn't think installing it on your pfsense would be best option.  I would install it else where and play with it so its not your main name server.  Once you get familiar with it, then you could move it to pfsense if you so desired.

    But as dok so eloquently stated there is really nothing we could help you figure out without a copy of your bind config to look at to see what you might have wrong.

    I have ford focus, it doesn't start - can you tell me what is wrong ;)  The wiper blades work though..

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