Carp + HAProxy

  • Hi Guys,

    We are using pfsense for a while now and wanted to do something new (for the Hosted Exchange in redundancy)

    So, the setup, we have 2 pfsense(s)

    Each with 3 nic's.

    • 1 WAN - carp:
    • 1 LAN - carp:
    • 1 for the HASync -

    The WAN & LAN card are in CARP.

    Carp mode works, if I shut down one, the Client (behind the firewalls) still can surf and connect to the pfsense url.

    I configured a IIS server (for test) on a client and configured HAProxy for HTTP traffic. That works when I browse to or But if I try the Carp IP it redirects to httpS:// instead of

    I already changed the port forward from WAN Address to Carp Address ( but that was not the solution.

    So now I need your help, how can I fix this?

  • ow, nevermind, it was my firefox that was not doing well  :-\

    Thank you!

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