CARP Cluster - LACP - VLAN

  • Hi

    I've just set up two CARP clusters.

    First cluster's two nodes have 3 interfaces (internal, external and carp_sync). carp_sync is a direct connection between two hardware NICs, no switch in between. internal and external each consist of two NICs configured with LAG/LACP. This cluster does run well, Master & Backup shows up in the two web interfaces. Failovertest was great, no issues.

    Second cluster is more or less identical, except that the internal LAG/LACP interface does not serve one network, but 3 VLANs. So I configured all the VLANs on both cluster nodes, also the virtual IPs per VLAN and activated the clustering. Only problem: Both nodes show up as "Master"…

    Could it be that this has something todo with the VLANs? I mean,...are VLANs supported in such a configuration at any rate? I've never done this before,...


  • Ok,…Interface Order was different on the two nodes, so the Virtual IP Synchronization was incorrect, and so it didn't work at all,...same order on both nodes, everything fine.

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