Site to Site to Site IPSec VPN Connection

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a scenario here regarding IPSec connection and I want to ask everyone if this is possible. I have setup a PFsense via an EC2 AMI to use it as our VPN Gateway. Now we have two offices, located on a different places. What I want to do is access our private networks from one site to the other and vice versa through this VPN Gateway installed in Amazon EC2 instance. I attached a drawing of the scenario that I want to make. Thank you in advance.

  • Yes that's possible. Generally it would be faster and simpler to connect the two directly rather than having to take a hop through Amazon, but it'd work fine. Just add P2s as needed to match the traffic.

  • Hi there @cmb. First of all, thank you for your reply. I really appreciate your time for this. I just want to ask if where am I going to add the P2s.Is it in the VPN Gateway or in both A and B sites?

  • All 3 actually. The one on site A has to know to go via EC2 to reach site B, same in reverse for site B, and the EC2 instance needs both setup so each site will work.

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