How to test for actual maxium throughput

  • Hello all, I was wondering what would be the better way to test how much traffic my pfSense box could handle. I already looked at the system requirements for speed, but they are a little broad and was wondering if I could get closer to a real number. I really just want to know so I know how much the computer can handle before an upgrade would be required.

    The specs:
    Intel P4 @ 1.3GHz (423pin, not 478)
    384MB (64MBx2 + 128MBx2) RDRAM
    Intel MB (not sure of the chipset, but the computer is a Gateway Performance 1300)
    Linksys EG1032 Gigabit PCI NIC x2 (LAN & WAN)
    10GB HDD (5400RPM)

    I have thought about hooking up a computer on either side of the box and moving files, but this could be limited by the HDD speed, and I want to avoid that. I know about IxChariot, but I don't want to pay for it since I really would only use it once or twice, so I was wondering if there was something else that is free, or a trial that I could use that would allow me to use it for a short amount of time?

    Thanks.  ;D

  • There is one thread from almost exactly a year ago that matches GF's search suggestion, here it is:,4505.0.html

    Your hardware looks fine though - what kind of WAN link are you hooking it up to - what is the speed?  Your upstream connection will likely be your bottleneck, and that hardware will have plenty of cycles to spare filling it up.

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