"Sibling" Static Assignments

  • Can I somehow indicate that two MAC addresses are "siblings" living in the same machine (WiFi versus Ethernet) and that the second request for a DHCP address should be ignored?

    The problem space is that the IP space in our subnet is getting tight and our sales people plug their laptops into the wall when they are in their offices but often meet with clients in our conference room or go talk with people back in production so I don't just want to black list their WiFi MAC.

    Caveat: I realize this is probably impossible… but I wanted to ask. I do have another project to expand the IP space but that is currently holding and I'm hoping to buy time.


  • Maybe shorten the lease time so when they switch between the two the defunct one isn't tied up so long being unused.

    Also, are the clients WiFi configured to auto disconnect when connected to wired Ethernet ("Disable Upon Wired Connect")?  If not doing so may also help.

    Another thing that may free up some IP address space would be to configure clients according to their needs; LAN only, WiFi only, both LAN and WiFi with auto disconnect when wired.  That way not as many clients consuming multiple IP addresses.

    Just a few thoughts perhaps you can make use of.

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