• Hey guys,

    After quite a bit of messing around I got my 2440 to work with my network with pfsense ADI version (non embedded).
    One thing I noticed though:
    The whole thing is very very unstable. I once plugged out the cable on the box and the system became unbootable ( there were no particularly intense IO tasks going on ).

    Changing some random setting on the WebUI caused the box to become unresponsive, and upon plugging out and back on, same fate.

    Is there something going on with my hardware or this is an inherent BSD issue.
    From my long Linux experience, I never had anything happen upon an unclean mount apart from an fsck now and then.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Upgrade to 2.2.3 (or login to the portal and download the 2.2.3 image if you have registered)

    The FS corruption issue is known to be a problem on 2.2.2 and earlier, but we fixed it on 2.2.3.

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