Original Watchguard x550e OS Image

  • Maybe my question is against the forumrules,
    so moderators may delete it if so.

    I just started a few months ago using pfSense, so i'm a newbie at this.

    Recently i bought a Watchguard x550e on Ebay,for testing purpose.
    This box came with a Transcend 512Mb CF.
    I booted it up for the first time, but i keeps showing on the display "Booting OS…" and did not respond to anything,
    i had tried to reset to factory defaults, but no response.
    So i thought that the Watchguard OS was broken, and for testing the box,
    i managed to install pfSense 2.1 Nanobsd on a Kingston 8Gb CF card (with v8.1 Bios from Stephanw10).
    The reason i have used this version, is that this version is the latest that have UDMA disabled at by default.
    I'm still searching my way in this new world of pfsense for me, so i'm have not managed to fix this issue.

    So now i was wondering what was wrong with the original Watchguard OS, but after digging,
    it seems that the Ebay seller had put IPcop on the Transcend 512Mb CF card.  >:(
    After i cloned the Transcend 512Mb CF card to the Kingston 8Gb CF, it booted up and ask for the IPcop username and password.

    So the original Watchguard OS is gone.
    I was thinking, if i want to sell the box in the future, then i would like it to
    restore with the original Watchguard OS.
    I know that the firmware for a Watchguard box can be upgraded via the WUI, but that
    is only possible if the Watchguard OS is loaded.
    I have tried for searching this at Watchguard forum, but after 3 registration attempts with 3 different nicknames,
    and 3 different emailadresses, im still waiting for a confirmation email for logging in at the Watchguard forum.  ::)

    So now is my final question to you guys, does anybody have a IMG file with the original Watchguard OS
    for this Watchguard Firebox x550e  ?  :)

    Thanks in advance


  • I shall look but I don't believe I do.  Problem with the Watchguard OS on that box (correct me if Im wrong.) is that Watchguard will not sell services for it anymore as the box is way past EOL.

  • Thank you for the reply,
    but the extra services from Watchguard are not needed.
    The Watchguard OS with the basic services included, are just fine.


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