Being alerted of new device connection…

  • For a while I attempted to use Spiceworks on my network. But, I feel that it's too much for my small network.

    I remember having an antivirus, I actually think it was kaspersky, that has the most useful thing. Every time someone would connect to the network I'd get an alert. "a new device has connected to your network."

    So, my point is how do I set this up on pfsense? So, that anytime a new device connects I get an alert. Preferably with the name of the device and IP included.

    Also, I'd like to try and setup logging again. But, I need a "better" guide for setting this up. By which I mean IP logging. I think the combination I tried was with squid and something else. But, hadn't ever managed to get the damn logs to work for daily/weekly/monthly. Monthly worked, the others not so much. Sometimes the weekly worked. But, it was extremely inconsistent and daily I don't think ever worked.
    I think a lot of the guides I found were outdated.

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