Yahoo audio stop working ater one week of intallation

  • hi

    i am having problem with yahoo and msn audio since 3 weeks according to my clients, it is the time when i set my firewall rules, is there any thing wrong with those rules, please advice.

    help highly appreciated


  • Try to nat using static ports for these protocols.

  • thanks for the reply,  can you give a link explaining how to do that please?

    thanks again in advance

  • Search the forum for "static port". Basically it's enabling advanced outbound nat (firewall>nat, outbound) and adding some custom rules on top of the autocreated rule for the ports that are used by the messengers. Note that you will have to add outbound rules for interfaces other thanlan manually if needed (in case you have opt-interfaces too).

  • hi again

    didn't know how to do it after a long time, i am still suffering with audio in yahoo.  it works when i do fresh installation, after a week or so it stops again, and then i have to do another installation.

    detailed help is highly appreciated

  • I had this issue with orb…. I had everything configured properly and I would connect to the orb server behind pf but I got no audio.

    I moved from pfsense 1.2 to 1.2.1 FULL and it worked just fine.

  • hi

    did it really work with 1.2.1, i try installing 1.2.1 but i couldn't succeed running and provide internet,  any special setup i must do, isn't it like 1.2 in setup?

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