Configuring 1:1 for funky ISP redirection of static block

  • I am getting 8 static IPs from my local fiber provider which are all being sent to my firewall via redirection on their end.

    The email they sent me last week says I can use 1:1 to use the entire block of 8 (news to me but tests seem to prove it's working) but for the life of me I cannot get the traffic to reach my NAT'd system.

    The Firewall has a completely different IP.

    For the sake of argument:
    Provided firewall static: (gateway is .221)
    Static block is (or a /29 subnet).

    ISP says using 1:1 I should be able to address all 8

    Now I can see the traffic origination on the new firewall from my old ISP. When I go to pass the traffic nothing happens. Not a hint of any traffic coming through on the destination end of the firewall.

    Has anyone managed to get this to work before? I'd love to downgrade my cable provider to the point of a single IP for system monitoring and move over to the new gigabit line from my local fiber provider.

  • The error had to do with a rule on my other firewall. 1:1 with Proxy ARP did the trick.