2.2.2 to 2.2.3 / Backup & Restored to New VM / All VLANs broken

  • I have 2.2.2 Release on a Hyper-V VM, with three interfaces and five VLANs.

    I made a separate VM running PFsense 2.2.3 and restored the config using the 2.2.2 Pfsense router. All connections on the LAN work fine, but not any of the VLANs. WAN -> WAN Interface LAN -> LAN Interface (802.3 Trunk) Admin Network -> OPT1 Interface (802.3 Trunk) Other Networks

    VLANS on OPT1… And so on....

    All VLANs have DHCP enabled properly and have rules allowing all traffic. And yet, any system connected to the network gives the DHCP 169.254.x.x error for all VLANS.

    The first router has been shut down obviously so the network does not have IP address conflicts, and the hypervisor has full connectivity on VLAN 1.

    Is this an issue with restoring or is it an issue with 2.2.3? I've even tried to build it from scratch and the hosts still can't seem to get an IP address with PFsense's VLAN DHCP.

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    The "issue" is that restoring newer config on older versions is neither supported, nor suggested. You can take older configuration and restore it on newer versions which will be handled by the configuration upgrade code. Not the other way round.

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