VLAN TAG : Works well on FreeBsd 10.1 but not on PFsense 2.2.2

  • Hi guys,

    I'm new to Pfsense and I try to make my Emulex OCE11102-NT 10Gbe works with VLAN Tag. On FreeBSD directly there is no trouble but when I try to do the same setup (cli or via gui), I can't make it works. I get the driver from freebsd directly… no change of behaviour.

    I contact Emulex and we run some tests with different drivers. It seems that the packet is corrupted and the card can't read the vlan tag correctly. It always see 0. Is there any change between Pfsense vlan tagging and Freebsd vlan tagging ? Is there a secret killer setting that I need to configure ?

    I'm quite desperate right now as everything I tested is not working...

    Thank you for your help !

  • Post a network map.

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