PC w/VGA -> SG-2440 w/Serial, backup & restore question

  • I'm replacing a home built PC with console on VGA, with a new SG-2440 with console on serial (second serial port).

    Both have been upgraded to latest release - 2.2.3.

    I plan to do a pfSense full backup on the PC and restore on the SG-2440.  I'm concerned I'll lose console (unless pfSense is smart enough to handle this).  Will I have issues?  What is the recommended path from the PC -> SG-2440?

    I'm comfortable with command line work to resolve any issues - I'm a Unix (HP-UX/Solaris/Linux/*BSD) admin in my professional life.

    Thanks for any feedback,

  • Galactic Empire

    When you restore the PC backup on 2440 just boot with serial https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Boot_Troubleshooting

    You also might want to edit manually backup config xml, find the "<primaryconsole>video</primaryconsole>" line and put serial instead of video.


  • Thanks for the reply.

    The SG-2440 uses the second serial port for console.  Is there a setting in the config file to specify the serial port?  I looked and didn't find it in the backup of my PC installation.

    Also, of more concern, what of the "optimizations" in the ADI image for the SG-2440?  Will I lose any of those or need to make changes after restoring the PC backup?


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