Traffic Graph remote vs local

  • I've been using pfSense for a few months now and i'm in the middle of creating a few subnets for the company (separate users from servers, servers from management interfaces, cellphones and visitors from users, etc).
    Doing that i've noticed that the traffic graph function needs to be set to remote to see the traffic of those machines (that is by design of course, they are after all remote hosts).
    My question would be:
    Is there a way to set some networks as "local" so i can group their traffic in the same window? right now i have thos machines AND some remote internet IP's that i don't recognize and must be hosts being accessed by the users (why the rank there, i don't know. all ports are closed except for VPN and there is no one connected right now).
    If i can't add a network, maybe a filter for those ranges or their hostname (*.domain)?

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