Moving from Smoothwall

  • I currently have a dell GX240 with smoothwall installed on it. It boots from a compact flash card.

    My network consists of Wireless Router > Firewall > Switch > internal computers. things connected to the wireless router will not be protected by the firewall.

    Is it easy enough to do this and how about expanding so that in the future i can put a WAP on the firewall as well?

    Do I use the embedded image or the CD install. I can have a keyboard and monitor plugged in. I do not know as of yet how to connect using serial, I have a cable but don't know how to go about it (from windows client). Is the CD version optimised for CF installs? I presume I would need to create a ramdisk to hold logs before being written to CF on shutdown.

    Sorry if I do not make sense. This firewall looks good and i have been recommended it by somebody. I am competent in using Linux (or should I say Unix ;)) systems and the terminal however will want to do everything from web interface after the initial setup.

    Thank you to anybody that can help, Matt

  • You want to use the embedded version for a cf-card. The only limitation of that version is that you won't be able to install additional packages but you will have all the other features like a full  install. You can easily use hyperterminal (windows accessories) to connect to the serial port using a nullmodemcable with 9600 baud. You can add accesspoint functionality to pfSense by adding a supported wireless nic (I recommend atheros based cards). Logs however will be reset on reboot but you can send them to a remote syslogserver if you really need to keep them.

  • A few days ago i found out that the latest putty now support serial connection.

  • Very old but still works like a charm:  ;)

  • Thank you for that. Managed to work out that i must start putty and have connected up before starting the firewall up. i Have 2 NIC's however pfsense is only picking one up. This is what I get:

    Valid interfaces are:

    xl0    00:06:5b:c2:f5:8b

    Do you want to set up VLANs first?
    If you are not going to use VLANs, or only for optional interfaces, you should
    say no here and use the webConfigurator to configure VLANs later, if required.

    Do you want to set up VLANs now [y|n]?

    from a screenshot i took of smoothwall I had the NIC so called 3c59x with mac 00:06:5B:C2:F5:8B and sk98lin with mac 00:12:17:5A:E1:F6. the 3c59x is the onboard one and the sk98lin is the pci one.

    does this mean the sk98lin is not compatible? can I get drivers installed on this? If not what compatible one would work (for like £5 on ebay).

  • does this mean the sk98lin is not compatible? can I get drivers installed on this? If not what compatible one would work (for like £5 on ebay).

    yes,no (as in not easy),best is intel
    Supported nic's

    If you already have a vlan switch, then one nic is enough.

  • would either of these be ok?

    don't mention the exact model number on the list however their is a FA311-TX and RTL8139C+. A lot of the items do not specify model numbers and the card needs to fit into a half height slot (i just take the metal faceplate off for it to fit)

  • I have purchased the two Intel ones. Hopefully all will go well. I used a seperate CF card for pfsense so I am not without firewall while I am waiting for the NIC.  :)

  • Hi, NIC's arrived today and seem to supported. I have configured the firewall with the correct interfaces for the WAN/LAN plugged in. However when i have configured and changed the ip settings for the LAN (already have server on, it will not load on even after a restart. I get "The document contains no data" as a firefox error.

    I reset the settings and tried again with no luck. I have attached the configuration I used which was just copied from my putty session.


  • To be certain: You DO have a VLAN cappable switch do you?
    Because frankly i'm asking myself what you need these VLAN's for :)

  • VLAN switch? not sure. I have computers which are connected to my Netgear GS605 switch. That is connected to the firewall which is connected to the router (BT Home hub which will be changed soon).

    With smoothwall i just had the 2 interfaces, one configured as Red (WAN) and Green (LAN) with all my network settings. I have atatched the screenshot of the smoothwall network config (although the RED nic has changed to the intel one now).

  • Aha, worked it out. Said no to the VLAN and continued with the same settings. I can now access the web interface. Thanks GruensFroeschli  ;D

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