PFSense Install from USB Pendrive

  • Hi for all,
    my question is if i can install pfsense from a USB Pendrive without use cdrom (using some dd or something like that). Thanks in advanced!

  • If your BIOS can boot off USB it should work.
    –> Your BIOS has to be able to mount the removable device as harddisk.

    At least that's what it is called on the computer i'm just working.
    Might differ from mainboard to mainboard.

  • Just be aware that getting FreeBSD to boot from any USB device is very hit-and-miss.  It seems to work with a particular subset of devices or BIOSs.  AFAIK support for booting from USB isn't reliable until at least 7.0, and possibly 8.0 (when it is release).

  • you might want to check this site,

    although it is majority written for linux, but there is some
    section devoted to the general BIOS/PC setup to
    enable USB Boot.

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