Siproxd - no incoming calls after a while

  • I'm running siproxd on 2.2.3 and experience some trouble with it. Outgoing calls are working well but after a while I cannot receive any incoming calls - the phones do not ring. The still show up as registered in siproxd. The setting are all default. How to get this fixed?

  • Im assuming you are letting SIPRoxd proxy your RTP as well!?

    Do you have incoming firewall rules for your SIP and RTP to your WAN Address? If not you will need them.  I generally make a phone call and see where my RTP is coming from by watching the logs for the blocked RTP traffic. Then make rules that let the external server connect and no one else.

    The picture attached shows my rules here and reflects the 3 different servers my different lines connect to plus RTP traffic servers (since mine are different from the SIP servers I use.)

    Some VOIP services use the same server for both SIP and RTP so your rules may vary.

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