Help! dualWAN traffic shaping

  • Hi! I'm new to pfSense. :D

    Recently, I have configured a dual-WAN setup but I need to set the bandwidth online games and web browsing.

    My current setup is on the top. I want to achieve the bottom setup (in red and blue).

    Traffic shaping that I intend to setup:
    1.Online Games: 2mb down 400kb up
    2.Everything Else: 11mb down remaining bandwidth

    *I just want to emphasize that I have basic ideas in networking

    Is this possible? Can anyone help me?

  • Shaping is done egress per interface. Shaping data leaving you WAN is relatively easy, your main problem will be shaping your LAN in order to limit your download rates.

    If using HFSC, you could create a child queue on your LAN interface for both WANs

    WAN1 - upper limit 8Mb
    WAN2 - upper limit 5Mb

    Then create child queues under each of those for your traffic


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