What is the best way to set this up?

  • I have three interfaces on my firewall, 1x100Mbit and 2xgigabit. One gigabit port is connected to my cable modem, and the other to a basic dumb switch. On that switch are all my clients, plus a TP-Link router running OpenWRT that is only used as an access point.

    My WAN connection is 100/10Mbps, but the port on the cable modem is gigabit. I was thinking of moving that to the 100Mpbs interface since I don't need anything faster anyway, and putting the wireless router on the now free gigabit interface. Does this seem like a reasonable way to set this all up?

    Also, the modem is quite a long distance from the firewall, and connected with a 10m Cat-5e cable. Since the interfaces on both sides of the connection are gigabit, I don't use a crossed cable. Will I need to get one if I move the WAN connection to the 100Mbps interface, or is it enough for one side to be gigabit to negotiate this correctly?

    I'll be grateful for any viewpoints on the best way to do this.

  • From what I recall… as long as at least one side is a Gigabit port with Auto MDI-X, you don't need a crossover cable.

  • You already have the most optimal setup. What's wrong with having the wireless AP connected to the switch?

    What cable modem do you have? Some Hitron models have been known to have major problem connecting to 100Mbit NICs.

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