• i have pfsense beta 2 installed to a HD. with 4 NIC's, one of which is the WAN (not used), the other 3 i am trying to set up to do purely routing between the 3 subnets i have in this office.

    problem is that pfsense appears to drop off the network. i can't ping the LAN NIC, and i can't access it. happens i think when i am making quite a few changes. anybody seen this or know what i could do?


  • Upgrade to the latest snapshot http://pfsense.com/~sullrich/RELENG_1_SNAPSHOT_03-26-2006/
    I have not seen this with any of my installs and I even have some in production environments. Upgrade and try to reproduce the issue to see if it still exists. Try to find out which change causes the condition after upgrading.

  • i downloaded the new image today and installed it. so i pressume i already have the latest.

    i think the problem is occuring when i am editing static routes

  • Are you sure your rules are correct and you don't cause routing trouble?