Resolv DNS to interface ip

  • Hi all,

    I want to resolve a DNS name in the form to the IP address of a PPP interface, that has dynamic ip.
    I could use in the advanced configuration of the DNS resolver service something like this:

    local-data: " A INTERFACE_IP"

    where INTERFACE_IP is some placeholder for the link to the interface ip, what shall I put there? would it work?
    Any other idea is also welcome..


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    No, there are no placeholders. Kindly go to Services - Dynamic DNS, pick of of the zillion providers there and us it.

  • I know what you mean, but that wont work in my setup, because I dont have internet access from that interface, and IP can not be checked from (or something like that..), plus, it is a private ip..

    This is my scenario, to make things clear:
    2 wan interfaces, 1 has internet access, the other not, both in ppp. I want to resolve on one of my subdomains the ip of that interface. DNS forwarder already set up in the server machine on the same network of pfsense.

    Any suggestion?


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    No, beyond "run your own dynamic DNS server". (Not really sure what you are doing with your dynamic PPP interface that does not have internet access.)

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