NAT reflection and slow outlook

  • Hi all!

    I have very annoying issue with outlook and NAT reflection…

    My Outlook connects to exchange server via which has public IP address.
    I configured outlook anywhere and mapi over http to use this URL for both, external and internal clients.

    The thing is that internal clients also connect to (which is good) but latency in outlook is horrible.
    If I change to internal local IP address things fly really fast.

    So is there anything I can do with pfsense or will I have to configure split dns :)


  • In my own experience you could try running Outlook in cached mode which might help. But ideally you should almost certainly be running split DNS, especially if you're running in an Exchange/AD internal environment. This will have less to do with pfSense and more to do with Outlook/Exchange.

  • Ive now set internalhostname to real internal hostname. Its ok now.

    But can anyone explain it to me, why are things so drastically slow when you use NAT reflection?
    It shouldn`t be in my opinion…
    I still think that I maybe have some config error somwhere, in my home enviroment with same exchange settings things work just fine...

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