PFSENSE + DansGuardian - Erro na instalação do pacote

  • Caros, boa tarde!

    Me deparei com um erro durante o processo de Download/instalação do DansGuardian, como é possível notar através das mensagens abaixo.

    "Installation of Dansguardian FAILED!

    Beginning package installation for Dansguardian .
    Downloading package configuration file… done.
    Saving updated package information... done.
    Downloading Dansguardian and its dependencies...
    Checking for package installation...
    Downloading ...  could not download from there or
    of dansguardian- failed!

    Installation aborted.Removing package...
    Starting package deletion for dansguardian-
    Removing Dansguardian components...
    Tabs items... done.
    Menu items... done.
    Services... done.
    Loading package instructions...
    Include file could not be found for inclusion.
    Deinstall commands...
    Not executing custom deinstall hook because an include is missing.
    Removing package instructions...done.
    Auxiliary files... done.
    Package XML... done.
    Configuration... done.
    Failed to install package.

    Installation halted."

    Por favor, o que pode ter ocorrido?



  • Dansguardian e um projeto que está muito tempo sem atualização, várias pessoas tentaram usar e relatam problemas.
    Sugiro usar SquidGuard ou procurar no fórum sobre o e2Guardian que é um fork do Dansguardian, tem um pacote sendo desenvolvido pelo Marcello Coutinho.

  • Eu estou a meses esperando o merge do e2guardian, que é a evolução/continuação do dansguardian.
    Mas infelizmente tá demorando demais….

  • Qual é o problema com o pacote e2guardian?

    Este post ( faz é som como Phil Davis está esperando por você (@marcelloc) para corrigir alguns problemas de mesclagem.

    NOTA: Traduzido pelo Google Tradutor, sinto muito se isso não faz sentido.


    Original English:

    What is the problem with the e2guardian package?

    This post ( makes is sound like Phil Davis is waiting on you (@marcelloc) to fix some merge issues.

    NOTE: Translated by Google translator, so sorry if it doesn't make sense.

  • @TheLimey:

    What is the problem with the e2guardian package?

    e2guardian code is done but if you can see on bounty topic and on github it's stuck on a "compliance" check. See Renatos post before Phill's help. I've did a lot o changes  but it's still on code style. As Renato said, it still needs his code check.
    I'm waiting it for a long time too. I'll post on bounty, how to isntall it manually from github files.

    It's getting too slow and bureaucratic to push free code to the project. See how long other pull requests are there too.

    On other contribution (dhcp multiple scopes), I've did changes to pfsense 2.0(no merge), then 2.1(no merge), then (2.2 and still no merge)

  • Wow! That's crazy!! This needs sorting out! My customer's paid for two new SG-2440's which are useless because the filtering doesn't work (web uploads are blocked).

    Maybe you could post the issue on any threads that come up, and who they need to contact about getting it resolved. Maybe if enough people put pressure on it will get done a bit quicker (or at all).

    I appreciate that a lot of the work you and others do is voluntary, but when you pay $1,000 for two firewalls that don't do the one thing you need because of bureaucratic delays beyond the developer's control, that's no good!

    Thanks for the reply Marcello =)

  • @Marcello - I posted an update with a link to your answer here:

    Thanks again =)

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