Netgear v1 vpn to pfsense

  • Anyone willing to help me out with this? Im not sure I understand

    racoon: [Baltimore1]: ERROR: phase2 negotiation failed due to time up waiting for phase1. ESP[0]->[0]

  • Your phase 1 settings don't match. Provide more info.

  • hoba,
    Thank you for the response. I found that it was a phase one issue (wronp public ip) - stupid me.

    I have to Site to Site VPN's up and one works as it should. The other though does respond to ping or anything even though I have an established connection. I created a rule in the ip sec like this:

    • Lan Subnet * * * *

    Is there soemthing im over looking?

    PS: this is my first pfsense box and thus far im loving it…


  • The IPSEC Rule Tab controls all incoming ipsec traffic, the LAN Rule Tab controls all outgoing traffic from LAN to WAN/IPSEC or anything else, so if pfsense doesn´t reply your ping request from the netgear vpn you a need a rule at the ipsec tab, allow all for example from "netgears lan" to "pfsense lan"….

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