Ipsec to asa 5545x drops every few minutes

  • Old setup: Dell Optiplex GX280 running pfsense 2.1.

    Was exhausting the RAM which was causing performance problems.  So I moved to:

    Dell T710 (running vmware) with pfsense 2.2.2 (running as a VM)

    I did a backup of the 2.1 and restored to the 2.2.2

    I have an ipsec tunnel to an ASA 5545x which has been flawless for over a year on the old hardware/software.  After the move/upgrade the tunnel drops every 5 minutes.  ASA is reporting that pfsense is dropping its SA due to DPD timeout.  DPD is not enabled on either side of the tunnel.

    EDIT: old system was 32 bit, new system is 64 bit

  • Can you post debugging logs of both sides?

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