How should I properly bridge my WIFI adapter to a specific VLAN interface?

  • I would like to provide an additional guest wireless lan at 2.4 GHz to my existent 5 GHz networks provided by Cisco WPA321 (doesn't support dual-mode). So I bought a Compex WLE200NX miniPCI express card from PCengines and installed it on my APU board.

    I have already assigned the interface and configured it to work in access point mode. Also the IPv4 configuration type is set to "none". My current 5 GHz guest wireless LAN is configured to work in VLAN 3, so I bridged the WIFI interface to the VLAN3 interface (see attached screenshots)

    This is what it should like later:

    My-Network (provided by Cisco AP - 5 GHz)
    My-Network-Guest-50 (provided by Cisco AP - 5 GHz)
    NEW ==> My-Network-Guest-24 (provided by pfSense - 2.4 GHz)

    I can connect to "my-network-guest-24" without any issues, dhcp hands out an IP address, however I just don't get any connection to the internet nor can I ping the gateway ( The firewall log itself shows no blocks!?! The rules on interface WIFI are configured to allow any to any.

    What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance!

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    You should assign the bridge, not the member interfaces. (And set the system tunables so that you packet filter the bridge and not the interfaces.) Answered about zillion times before.

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