Pfsense as transparent bridge for Traffic Shaping possible ?

  • Hi all,
    Thanks for the good work with pfsense.
    Is it possible to let pfsense work as transparent bridge, between an existing Firewall and Internet Router ?
    I would like to use the good Traffic Shaping for VPN, p2p, VOIP etc..
    We have a 1/2 Class C Net from our ISP.
    Of it we use 50 IP addresses at present as alias IP at the external interface of the current Firewall.
    It is used also DNAT and SNAT. What does one have to change here and to pfsense thereby works?



  • The trafficshaper doesn't support bridgeconfigurations (yet, maybe with pfSense 1.1 but that is pure speculation atm).

  • :-[ OK we wait up to version 1.1

    Danke / thx