Interface link bouncing

  • I have been seeing my guest interface bouncing for several weeks. It has persisted through new downstream switch and cabling. I haven't had much need to serve guests, so there hasn't been any real impact, but I would like to get to the root of this and stop it going up and down.
    Netstat -i shows no errors on the interface
    Any ideas how I can narrow this down?

  • Would be nice to know more about your config!

  • I sometimes see the same with a ProCurve enterprise grade switch. Replaced cabling and everything. It still does it from time to time.

  • I'm using a jetway motherboard with a 3x Intel Gig daughterboard. I have a dedicated LAN port on the motherboard and the guest port is on the duaghterboard. Both connect to a netgear managed switch. As mentioned, I have recently changed to a new managed netgear switch. This setup worked fine for a several years. While writing this however it dawned on me that while I had other interfaces working on that daughterboard, that does not mean that this interface is still in physical working order. I have moved my guest network to an open port on that same daughter board and will be testing it out.

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