Multi wan loadbalancing with squid proxy on pfsense 2.2.2

  • hello all
    i configure two pfsense device with below config and load balancing  with squid works well!!!!

    em0–----------> em2          em0 ppoe ---------------->(wan1)
    pfsense@                          pfsense#
            em1------------> em3          em1 ppoe ---------------> (wan2)

    Device settings

                                     ----> gw (em0)
    General Setup ---> dns server
                                     ----> gw (em1)

    advance ---->Miscellaneous ---> Allow default gateway switching enabled

    routing: em0 and em1  ---> multi wan groups  with tier 1

    floating rul:
    action---> pass  , interface --> em0 , em1  Direction---> out  protocol--->any    source and destination ---->any  Gateway ---> multi wan groups

    Squid General Settings---> Transparent HTTP proxy on LAN enabled
    Custom Settings --> Integrations ---> tcp_outgoing_address

    firewall rules
    em2: any to any allowed with gateway wan1  and em3: any to any allowed with gateway wan2

    but by using two modem for connection ppoe instead pfsense# the load balancing not works !!!!!!
    so that http pages are randomly opens with ip defualt gateway

    em0------------> modem1 ppoe (wan1)
            em1------------> modem2 ppoe (wan2)

    If someone can help me!!! thanks

  • Dear all;

    can any one help me how to config and used transparent proxy with load balancing 2 wan :-[


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