Suddenly unable to reach internal server by Public DNS

  • I had a power blink the other day and all of my VMs went down (although ESXi remained up).  PFSense is a VM on a 4 port NIC with cable modem coming into WAN and the LAN port going out to a switch.  I've had this same setup for a couple of months with no problem, but now can not connect to one of my main servers by name.
    It is a godaddy registered name with IP forwarding to my home address.  The IP is the same as before the outage, and nslookup works (nslookup  I can reach my web server by using IP (  What would have suddenly caused all devices (internal and external) to be able to hit my server by IP but not by DNS?
    As typing - I've changed something in the apache config that is no longer allowing me to hit via IP.
    IP forwarding is correct and the rules haven't changed. I'm not even seeing anything in the pfsense logs on an attempt to hit the server.

    Thanks in advance.

  • and here are my pfsense rules (this server is not the only server behind the firewall):

    Port Forward:
    WAN TCP * * WAN address 80 (HTTP) IAE_Server 80 (HTTP) IAE http

    Firewall Rules (WAN):
    IPv4 TCP * * IAE_Server 80 (HTTP) * none NAT IAE http

  • Please disregard…such a rookie mistake:
    New IP =
    The IP in the firewall was

    This should work now once DNS is propagated. Still odd that I was able to pull by IP...but I must have had the script which I run to report to outside server IP to my clipboard.  :-X
    I wrote a script to write to so that I can be notified without using the new paid DynDNS. :)

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