Pfsense 2.2.3 with ubiquiti rocket m5 as an AP~wisp setup

  • Hi All,
    Im a noob to both pfsense as well as ubquiti,
    I am trying to setup a wisp solution and have ended up scratching my head over the following
    -I have 4nic cards in my pfsense
    -2xwan ( 2ds lconnections)
    -1 nic for the lan and 1 for the rocket m5 connecting via poe injector

    currently i have the ubiquiti in bridge mode with my lan
    lan 10.0.5.x/22
    static ip for rocket is 10.0.7.x

    my concern is that i do not want users on a wisp accessing my devices on my lan, which i know can be disabled with a firewall rule disallowing 10.0.7.x/24 from accessing my lan.
    my question is would it be better to have the following setup in bridge mode or to try and assign the ubiquiti as a seperate lan (if possible), as i see that the rocket M5 is a router

    regarding the wisp setup i would allocate the 10.0.7.x /24 for the users and setting up the captive portal

    your feedback and assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Do you want laptops and smartphones connect to your rocket M5?

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