Unable to access the Gateway Router

  • Hi,

    I am not able to access my Gateway NLB Router after installing pfsense in between.

    The Flow is as below.

    ISP>>>>Gateway router>>>>pfsense>>>>>network.

    Pfsense WAN interface G/W is the router's IP address. I am getting the Internet but unable to access the WebGUI of the Router. Please help me fixing this issue.

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  • this is not working in my case.

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    What is not working.. How about some details, what did you try in that document?

    What is the actual make and model of your gateway router - is it in bridge mode.. What IP are you trying to access exactly?

  • My Gateway Router is Cisco RV042 -
    pfsense WAN -

    LAN -

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    Why do you think you need to do anything special at all in that case?  Do you have some rules blocking rfc1918 on your lan?  Blocking rfc1918 or bogon on your wan?

    You should not have to do anything special in setup to access 1921.68.1.222/24 if your wan is on that same segment.  You would be natting and look like you came from  Post up your firewall rules wan and lan.  You didn't try to forward anything did you?

    That link is for when you trying to access an IP that is not in the range of your wan network.. For example I access my "modem" on but my wan is a public IP 24.13.x.x etc..

    You didn't setup any sort of routing out a vpn did you?  So I have to assume pfsense can ping, since that would be the gateway monitoring, etc..

  • I am not able to ping to the router I have unchecked the rules Block private networks and Block bogon networks on my WAN interface. I have no other blocking rules.

  • I am able to ping to my G/W from the pfsense.

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    I am not able to ping to the router


    I am able to ping to my G/W

    Awesome. Now it's a whole lot more clear!  ::) ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D

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    And can you post your rules lan, and do you have any rules in the floating tab?  Is your internet actually working from a client connected to pfsense?  You didn't put any sort of gateway on lan interface did you?  You did not setup any sort of vpn did you?

    Your not using any proxy in your browser?

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