BT Home Hub 5 and PFSENSE

  • Hi all,

    Using a HP Gen 8 Microserver as PFsense server with a HP 360 card in, giving me effectively 4 network ports.

    From using the search function I realise that some are using their home hub as a wifi connection with the PFsense as the router. Any guidance would be much appreciated as first dip into the non-Windows world…

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    Your going to have a problem trying to route traffic through pfsense if the wireless connection is to your edge gateway the BT home hub.

    If you had another device to use as your isp connection for pfsense, then sure any wifi router can be used as just an AP by turning off its dhcp server and connecting with one of its lan ports to your network.

    internet - bt home hub –(private network)-- pfsense --(other private network)-- local network.

  • Okay thanks,

    So what would be the alternative setup without using a third piece of equipment? I don't believe there are any?

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    what is it you want?  Wireless can be done for like $20 a wireless router is not expensive.  Use that as AP, you could get really fancy and get say a unifi $70 AP, this supports vlans and has a software controller that can be run on VM.. Your box that your using for just pfsense?  Makes a nice esxi host for example..

    Or you let your wireless be off your isp device and your other wired devices are behind pfsense as a firewall/router

  • Hi,

    It is just being used as PFsense. I want to run SNORT and a variety of other packages off it.

    I have a server running 32GB of RAM with a Xeon 1245 V3 CPU, a desktop with a six core Intel X99 platform.

    Wanted to use this as dedicated box for networking only. So BT Router as modem, PFSense for wired passing off to Wireless AP right? BT connects to WAN port on PF, PF connects LAN to Wireless AP?

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    Then get a AP yes..  If you want to use your BT device as modem, I would look to turning off its NAT as well cuz out of the box the thing is natting..

    So buy a AP connect it to switch your lan is on, or another port on your pfsense box and setup your own wireless segment.

  • Great,

    Many thanks

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