4G Modem for backup internet with APU1D?

  • Hello,

    It would be nice to have a 4G backup in case my WAN goes down.

    I'm noticing that the HP2300 (Sierra Wireless MC8775 3G) and Novatel EU850D modems are listed as known to work with pfSense.

    Will these modems work with the APU1D board?

    Does anybody know if there are carriers in the US that would work with these, especially carriers with pay as you go plans?

  • The MC8775 is pretty much the one module that always works for me. The MC7700 also works although not on the support list.
    I have used StraightTalk Tablet SIM kit/ATT with pfSense. 15 bucks a gig.

    Flashing the MC7700 firmware might be needed to get into DirectIP mode, depending on the module default firmware.
    This would require a separate Windows box to flash firmware and may require an mini-PCIe to USB adapter or a box with Mini-PCIe socket with SIM support. Most WWAN laptops can do the job.

  • Most carriers treat their prepaid customers badly. Throttled use and TOS does not allow tethering. So if you need a backup it works, but if your a "benchmarking type" you may be disappointed with MVNO treatment.

  • The Novatel EU850D is not HSPA capable!

  • OK.

    I wonder if connecting a prepaid 4G router via ethernet would be a cleaner way to do this, even if it meant double-nat'ing.

    Has anyone done this?

  • My feeling is that is really a matter of opinion. I prefer internal devices and others are happy using external devices. Most MiFi's don't offer dual antenna connectors for dual antennas (Mimo) so there is a speed hit right there. They may have dual internal antennas though, depending on model picked.

    Plenty of users here are using MiFi's here. Verizon jetpack and others work in usb tethering mode.

    You want the real McCoy checkout Sierra ES450 .Complete with Out of Band management capabilities.


  • I can help you with a MC7700 flashed to DIP mode if you don't mind a used module..
    Send PM if interested.

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