How to allow only one source IP in NAT configuration

  • Hello All,

    I have a computer with static IP which I want to access from outside network remotely, in order to test it I have configured NAT and allowed only one  IP (Static Ip) and it is working fine, same I want to do this  for dynamic IP as I have modem which don't have static Ip address then how to overcome from this issue.

  • Add an IP alias in Firewall > Aliases (here you may also use FQDNs) and use this alias in the (NAT) rule.

  • Dear viragomann , thanks for your reply, as you know that My ISP provide me dynamic IP and it's ip changing frequently then how can I create a alias with IP please guide

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You want to allow a port forward from a single source IP address but that source IP address is always changing?

    You might be able to get there with a dynamic DNS entry and an alias populated by that FQDN.  I don't know how often pfSense updates its FQDN aliases but having it do it often enough to make that work seems pretty ham-fisted.

    Use an OpenVPN remote access server instead.

  • Dear Derelict,

    Thanks for your advice, I will try it.

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